When seeking care for back pain or poor posture, patients often have many questions about what to expect. Though every patient will have individual goals and treatment plans, some common trajectories can be seen in the people choosing chiropractic care.

One outcome we strive for is to reduce back pain. This is often achieved through increased mobility of the spine, and corresponding decrease in pain signals being sent to the brain from pain receptors. A pleasant, and sometimes surprising, side-effect of this improved mobility and decreased pain, is improved posture and appearance! When standing up straight doesn’t hurt, patients stop hunching over to guard a sore back. Being able to stand tall again is an incredible gift to give yourself!

Most patients under chiropractic care will see improved posture and appearance without conscious effort. However some people will need a little encouragement and support to rehabilitate their spinal muscle tone and posture. In those cases, therapeutic exercise and stretches will be demonstrated and monitored by your chiropractor to ensure maximum benefits of chiropractic care.

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