Patient education is a fundamental part of patient care. This is especially true at Northport Chiropractic, where we strive to help patients recover from painful conditions, as well as support them in making lifestyle choices that will maximize their health and wellbeing.

While recovering from painful conditions, patients may require stretching and exercise instruction. During your visits at Northport Chiropractic, you will receive care instructions that will speed your recovery, and help keep you healthy and active throughout your care plan. As you progress through recovery, exercise and nutrition can be addressed to keep you on track for your goals.

Dr. Montross completed her Masters of Science degree in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction at Northeast College of Health Sciences shortly after receiving her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2019. She is excited and fulfilled by providing appropriate and necessary health education to her patients at Northport Chiropractic.

If you‘ ve had a painful injury, or chronic back pain, please schedule your appointment today at Northport Chiropractic, and see what our thoughtful approach to hands on care combined with patient education specifically tailored to your needs can offer you!