Choosing the Right Chiropractic Provider

When searching for a new chiropractor, many concerns and considerations may be bombarding you. You may be in pain. You may not know much about different provider types and options for your condition. It’s very important that your new provider adequately assesses your situation, provides appropriate treatment options, and answers any questions you have.

At Northport Chiropractic Centre, we are ready to help new patients understand their conditions, and provide effective treatment options to help patients relieve their pain and improve their daily lives. Dr. Montross has a masters degree in human anatomy and physiology instruction, and is a very effective patient educator, and Dr. Montross always practices evidence based chiropractic, so will be sure to find the best options for you!

Whether you are considering using chiropractic care for the relief of nagging back pain, or a recent sports injury, Northport Chiropractic Centre is ready and able to answer your questions, and offer appropriate treatment that will get you feeling better, and back to the activities you love. If you are looking for the right chiropractor, give Northport Chiropractic Centre a call now at (573) 221-2001. We can’t wait to help you!